Information from Pat Drayton ( produced a number of books, mainly old postcards, of Helensburghs past)

Information from "200 Years of Helensburgh"(by Helensburgh Heritage)
“There was a distillery at the foot of Maitland Street, run by Stein and Company, who also owned the biggest distillery in Scotland, the Saucel Distillery in Paisley. The Helensburgh distillery could produce 400 gallons per week of the finest malt whisky. The lease of the distillery was thus advertised in 1838 — ‘the water is the best quality for making fine malt whiskey being collected over nearly three acres (1.5 hectares) of moss in a long dam’.

Information from Fowlers Directory 1834-35
A&J Steven, Distillers, Maitland street(head of) (Possibly mixed the name up with Stein)

Information from Fowlers Directory 1836-37


Hopefully the photo, from 1920, will give you an idea of the area. Bear in mid there would have been even less property during the 1800s. The mill, incidently was demolished in 1922