Artist looks at burgh's past

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Whittaker-art-wAN ART exhibition celebrating 100 Years of Helensburgh will be on display at Helensburgh Library November 6 to December 21.

Dorothy Whitaker, B.A. Fine Art, GSA, Dip. Ed., has prepared a colourful and lively exhibition of paintings which can be enjoyed by all age groups.

Inspired by the artist’s return to Scotland after many years abroad, the concept is a personal exploration of Helensburgh’s cultural and social history, in which iconic imagery from the area is incorporated to express thought-provoking allusions to the town’s commercial and cultural history.

She says that as well as celebrating the aesthetic, commercial and architectural achievements of the town’s affluent 19th century bourgeoisie, this is set against the peaceful simple firesides of the ordinary workers houses.

Wealthy residents were able to employ some of Scotland’s greatest architects to design their summer homes. The decorative and whimsical patterns of Art Nouveau style refer to the desire of the affluent to be part of the European Art movement.

The visual narrative concludes with the contemporary, ever-present icon of Britain’s submarine fleet and its flagship Trident force.