Fascination of Mauchline Ware

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TWO Helensburgh enthusiasts for Mauchline Ware spoke about the history and variety of the popular wooden collectibles at the February 27 2013 meeting of Helensburgh Heritage Trust.

A packed audience in the meeting room at Helensburgh Tennis Club heard Pat Wiseman and Isobel Stirling, both members of the Mauchline Ware Collectors Club for over 25 years and collectors themselves, explain why they were so fascinated by the souvenirs, some of which sell for large sums.

They passed examples round the audience, who had the chance at the end of the meeting to examine a large collection.

The town of Mauchline in Ayrshire. although not the only place where they were made, gave its name to the family of wooden souvenirs produced over a period of some 100 years, ending when the factory of the last producer still operating burnt to the ground in 1933.

Mauchline-ware-wThe club is dedicated to the accumulation and dissemination of information about the fine antiques, which had various finishes including tartanware, fernware, transferware and photoware.

Helensburgh was amongst the seaside towns featured on the boxes and other items, and examples can be seen in one of the display cases in the Heritage Trust Heritage Centre in Helensburgh Library.

Mrs Wiseman and Mrs Stirling, who were introduced and later thanked by Trust chairman Stewart Noble, are pictured with four of the larger exhibits from their collection.

  • Photos by Donald Fullarton.