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Kilcreggan best for stories

ONCE upon a time I worked as a reporter on the Helensburgh Advertiser. While thus employed, it was often my duty to “do the calls”.

This meant checking, by telephone, with various police stations in the district before the paper went to bed. The editor had a weakness for bedtime stories, and it was my job to humour him.

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Helensburgh Holiday 1916 Style

THE train roared and panted its way through the tunnel at Dalreoch, the sulphurous smoke wreathing past the closed windows. Silent, and not a little apprehensive, I sat in the corner gazing out into the void.

"Will this never end?" I thought as a feeling of claustrophobia made me close my eyes. At last the engine noise changed perceptibly and opening my eyes again I saw a flicker of daylight.

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Memories of a Rhu childhood

WORLD War Two Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt had four major meetings in North America. Trips 1, 3 and 4 left from Faslane where Churchill's special train parked in the siding there. The second left from Stranraer.

Churchill left Faslane on the former LMS Glen Sannox-type fast turbine steamers, accompanied by his Chief of Staff.

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From Hill House to Dumfries House

IN the summer of 2008 a Helensburgh woman made the leap from an historic architectural home to an historic stately home.

Charlotte Rostek Davis, who ran the Hill House as property manager and curator for the last six years, was appointed curator at Dumfries House in East Ayrshire.

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The Helensburgh I grew up in

This article, the product of an interview with Hilda Whitelaw Purvis, was written by Helensburgh journalist Fiona Howard for inclusion in a special Civic Week supplement in the Helensburgh Advertiser on May 9 1975 to mark the passing of the Town Council in the reform of local government in Scotland.

    HELENSBURGH at the start of the 20th century was an elegant place where life was simple and leisurely.

    It was a mecca for artists, a retreat for Glasgow merchants, and a haven for folk looking for peace.

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    Final Open Meeting

    John Hume-wThe final Open Meeting of the season will be on Wednesday March 29 at 7.30pm at the Civic Centre, East Clyde Street, Helensburgh. Professor John Hume willl speak on the history of some West Dunbartonshire churches.

    Winter Talks 2016-17

    • Wednesday September 28 2016 — Ewan Kennedy: The Leiper Legacy
    • Wednesday October 26 — The Rev David Clark: Helensburgh Boys Brigade Centenary
    • Wednesday November 30 — Ian MacEachern: The Luss Slate Quarries

    • Wednesday January 25 2017 — Bill Anderson: The Anderson (Local Collection) Trust
    • Wednesday February 22 — Dr Andrew Bicker: Recent Archaelogical Discoveries on the West Coast of Scotland
    • Wednesday March 29 — Professor John Hume: West Dunbartonshire Churches and their history

    Meetings in Helensburgh Civic Centre, East Clyde Street, at 7.30pm prompt.

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