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Helensburgh in the early 1900s

This article was written by well known Helensburgh artist and author Gregor Ian Smith for inclusion in a special Civic Week supplement in the Helensburgh Advertiser on May 9 1975 to mark the passing of the Town Council in the reform of local government in Scotland. Where necessary, up to date information is included in brackets in italics.

FOR a resident of over fifty years changes in the Burgh have been substantial. For those approaching the seventy mark, innovations and developments have been overwhelming.

I recall my mother telling us how her great grandparents had complained about the growth of Helensburgh. They were watching the process from their croft — now obliterated by Low’s Supermarket (now Tesco), and weren’t altogether happy with what they saw.

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At a Wren's Degaussing Station

This article is an excerpt from 'Birds of a Feather: A Wren's Memoirs, 1942-1945' by the late Patricia B.Farley, and tells of her life at Portkil, Kilcreggan, during the Second World War.

AT the beginning of World War two, the Royal Navy was considered to be the finest of its kind. It ruled the oceans, literally. But not under the seas.

The Germans had been masters of that area since the previous global struggle, World War One, and were intent on disabling their enemy's power by any means they could.

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Tom Gallacher: A Particular Man

NOT many people can be described as ‘a one-off’, but that description certainly applied to Garelochhead playwright Tom Gallacher.

Tom was very particular that it was Gallacher with a ‘c’ and not a ‘g’, but then Tom was a very particular man and he had very special talents. Let me give you a flavour . . .

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Memories of Youth

TONIGHT, with the muffled roar of London in my ears, I look down the long vista of the past and see again the little white town by the sea, the hills above it tinged with the warm sunset light.

I hear again the soft music of the evening bells, the bells of which they told us in our childhood that though we did not heed them now, we would remember them when we were old.

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Next Winter Talk

Sir-malcolm-colquhoun-wThe next Winter Meeting will be held on Wednesday November 25 at Loch Lomond Golf Club, Luss, at 7.30pm, as guests of Sir Malcolm Colquhoun, when the topic is the Clan Colquhoun.

Winter Talks 2015-16

  • Wednesday September 30 2015 — Melissa Simpson: Hermitage Park: past, present and future
  • Wednesday October 28 — AGM at 7pm; Fraser Noble of McGruers: My family has been building boats since the 11th Century
  • Wednesday November 25 — Sir Malcolm Colquhoun and James Pearson: The Clan Colquhoun and the History of Helensburgh (to be held at the Loch Lomond Golf Club at Luss)

  • Wednesday January 27 2016 — Lachie Munro: The Many Lives of Robert Bontine Cunningham Graham — the Uncrowned King of Scotland
  • Wednesday February 24 — Sue Furness, Fiona Jackson: Hidden Heritage of a Landscape — Vengeful Vikings and Reckless Rustlers
  • Wednesday March 30 — Fiona Baker: Boutcher's Banks — the Genesis of Helensburgh?

Meetings are normally in the upstairs room at Helensburgh Tennis Club, Suffolk Street, at 7.30pm.

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